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Give Layla Zoe a stage and she’ll show you magic. In a world of choreography and Autotune, this is one performer who does it the old-fashioned way, digging deep, summoning a smoke-and-whisky vocal, leaving it all on the stage and sending breathless fans out into the night to spread the word. “For me,” says Layla, “there is nothing as satisfying as being on stage with my band, giving my heart to the fans, through music. I like to write songs, I enjoy being in the studio, but the live shows are the reason I love my job so much. I am so excited to finally be able to offer a live DVD to my fans because they have been asking for one for so long.”

And in 2017, with the Songs From The Road CD/DVD set, the wait is finally over. From her opening battlecry on Backstage Queen – “Oh little girl, where are you going to?” – the Canadian has the listener in the palm of her hand, whether you were lucky enough to be on the front row at the Hirsch club in Nuernberg, Germany, on March 21st, 2017, or are catching up now from the comfort of your home. “The audience was filled with familiar faces when we recorded that night,” remembers Layla, “and the energy was perfect.”

More than just a live album, Songs From The Road is a visceral snapshot, catching a world-class talent at the height of her powers, as she runs the emotional gamut in song and takes you along for the ride. “My show is raw, honest, emotional and intense,” says Layla. “People often say they’re moved to tears at my shows, and I feel it’s important that I give everything I have to my audience. I rip people’s hearts out – and then I put them back in…”



Honey Island Swamp Band - Demolition Day Tour 2017



Take a late-night stroll through downtown New Orleans and you’ll hear a thousand flavours of music spill from the clubs. Spin the new album by the Crescent City’s new favourite sons, meanwhile, and you’ll hear a band who embody that eclectic spirit. “A record is a snapshot in time, a picture of where a song is at a particular moment. But we’ve never been the type of band to stick to one way of playing a song, so we’ll continue to let the music evolve. That’s what keeps it fresh and exciting for us – and we want to share that with our audiences.”

Friday June 30 DE Lindewerra Gemeindesaal
Saturday July 1 CH Rapperswil Blues 'n' Jazz
Sunday July 2 SWE Stockholm Akkurat
Tuesday July 4 SWE Malmö Folk å Rock
Wednesday July 5 DE Hamburg Downtown Blues Club
Thursday July 6 DE Braunschweig Barnaby's
Friday July 7 DE Bordersholm Savoy
Saturday July 8 DE Reitwein Live in Reitwein
Sunday July 9 DE Dortmund Piano
Monday July 10 DE Ingolstadt KKB Neue Welt
Wednesday July 12 DE Halle Objekt 5
Friday July 14 PL Olsztyn Olsztynskie Noce Bluesowe

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That album is Songs From The Road: a new CD/DVD set from Ruf Records that captures all the full-throttle mayhem. There is, quite simply, nothing like an Andy Frasco & The U.N. show. While other bands trudge through the setlist, these renegades rocket-fuel the songs from their four studio albums – including 2016’s breakthrough Happy Bastards – and leave fans with mile-wide grins. “Basically, we’re trying to freak people out,” explains Frasco. “I want people to be spiritually uplifted and happy – and also make them think a little bit.”

Since the release of 2016’s Happy Bastards, everyone wants a piece of them. With material that took in funk, soul, rock, roots and the band’s self-styled “party blues”, this was an album that you knew would sound amazing live.

If you haven’t seen Andy Frasco & The U.N. on the stage yet, you’re missing one of the great live bands of our times. But with Songs From The Road, you get a front-row seat. “I try to make our live shows a celebration,” says Frasco. “We’re just trying to get people out of their heads for a couple hours and live in the moment. I feel like Songs From The Road emulates what our band really is, better than any recording we've done to date.”

Blues Caravan 2017 - ON TOUR AGAIN

Blues Caravan 2017

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Take a floor-filling London soul man. Add a golden-voiced Southern States storyteller. Throw in a fast-rising Philadelphia based singer/saxophonist. Then hold on to your hats. The legendary Blues Caravan is coming to your town in 2017 – with a three-artist bill that promises fireworks.


Tuesday April 18 A Rankweil Altes Kino
Wednesday April 19 CH Frick Kino Monti
Thursday April 20 CH Zürich Moods
Friday April 21 CH Rubigen Mühle Hunziken
Saturday April 22 CH Frauenfeld Eisenwerk
Monday April 24 A Vienna Vienna Blues Spring
Thursday April 27 SWE Sundsvall E-Street/Sundsvalls Jazzklubb
Friday April 28 SWE Örnsköldsvik Brux/ Perdido
Saturday April 29 SWE Härnösand Metropol/ Öbacka Jazz & Bluesklubb

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