There’s something about Texas. Open up the history books and you’ll find the Lone Star State at the eye of every rock ‘n’ roll storm. Pull up a stool in any bar-room and you’ll still hear Southern gentlemen spin stories of ZZ Top, Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Now, tip a ten-gallon hat to the bandleader writing her own name onto the state’s famed back pages, as Ally Venable releases breakout third album, Texas Honey – with production from another local hero. “Ally is the future of the blues and the crossover music of American roots-rock,” nods Mike Zito. “She is Texas Honey.”

            She might only be hitting her twenties, but long-term fans will know this isn’t Ally’s first rodeo. Rewind to her childhood in the post-millennium and this rising star found her voice in church, but it was the influence of fiery Texas guitar-slingers like SRV and the melodic smarts of Miranda Lambert that showed her the path. “What’s cool about Stevie is that he introduced so many people that didn’t know about blues to this music,” she reflects. “And that’s what my goal is to do with my music.”

With her soulful vocal, burn-it-down fretwork and heart-on-sleeve songcraft, America was hers for the taking. Detonating venues across the land and holding their own as support for titans like Lance Lopez and Eric Gales, Ally’s lineup of Bobby Wallace (bass) and Elijah Owings (drums) proved a power-trio to rank alongside the best. “I take in that Texas guitar-slinging influence in my shows and songwriting,” she explains. “My band is a three-piece, so it’s a ‘right-in-your-face’ power-trio.”

That live punch was captured on No Glass Shoes (2016) and Puppet Show (2018): the latter dubbed “exceptional” by Blues Rock Review as it scaled the Top 10 on both Billboard and iTunes Blues Charts. Meanwhile, the ETX Awards mounted up in categories including ‘Best Female Guitarist’, ‘Blues Band’ and ‘Album of the Year’. But it’s all been leading to Texas Honey and the Texas Honey 2020 Tour in Europe..

Expect some sweetness – and plenty of sting.

It’s the cherry atop the first great breakout record of 2019 – from a Texas legend-in-waiting with everything coming her way. “I’m very grateful,” reflects Ally, “for all the cool things that have happened, are happening – and will happen…”

20.03. DE Mannheim Hauptbahnhof
21.03. DE Reitwein Festival Live In Reitwein
22.03. DE Starkenberg Kuhstall Tanna
23.03. DE Limburg JVA  
24.03. DE Kassel Theaterstübchen
25.03. DE Bremen Meisenfrei
26.03. DE Dortmund Blues Notez
27.03. PL Chorzow  
28.03. CZ Straznice  
30.03. SK Bratislava Múzeum Obchodu
31.03. A Wien Vienna Blues Spring
01.04. DE Rimsting Blues Club Chiemgau
02.04. DE Eppstein/Ts. Wunderbar Weite Welt
03.04. DE Berlin Kiste  
04.04. DE Münster Hot Jazz Club
05.04. DE Bonn Harmonie
06.04. DE Weinheim Muddy’s Club

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